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Well its birthday number 3 for me.

For some reason my pets puppies thought it would be cute to put a stupid birthday hat on me. What the hell is up with you humans?

Well anyhow its nice to be 3. That leaves me about 12 years or so to live. That is if I dont get hit by some jackass driver eating a Taco.


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Since you are a year older, perhaps you can help me, Keani?

I have two dogs your age and a pen for them to put them outside. The pen is up near the house and you can get in it form the back door, directly.

In any case, the garter/garden/rat snakes live under the stoop and are coming out. My dogs try to eat them. Are snakes your thing? What would your pet do about snakes in your pen?

Wow, lucky dogs! Wiggly chew toys.

We dogs have been killing and eating snakes for a 100,000 years before you humans started making us put on funny hats. Let your dogs handle the problem, I know I would be upset if I didn't have the chance to protect my den and pack-mates.

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