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Folling my pet.
keani side
yip yip ye all!

Well im back at home again. Its been a long week for me. I was at the room again... (smallest house in the world) and my pet decided that it would be fun to walk to work every morning. Two and a half miles at 5 in the morning instead of driving in a nice warm car, fun stuff!

This kinda pissed me off so for no good reason I have been ignoring his commands. Not all of them, just enough to make him mad. Serves him right.

Well Friday night just when I thought I would be locked in the house for good. (I tore up the trash again) he takes me up to see my very dear friend Bosch. Yay!!!

There was allot of humans up there. And at first they all wanted to play with me, I got my ear scratched and they threw the ball whenever I wanted them too. (its funny as fuck, did you know that if you drop a ball on a humans foot they will stop whatever they are doing and pick it up, no matter how slobbery and throw it away. I can do that to them forever)

Then of course what usually happens, the humans get all jealous of my lovely fur and start dressing up like animals..... Pathetic.

And its not so bad that they want to look like us, they actually start doing things that we do, Sniffing each others butholes and licking each others crotches. And they do it without Peanut butter! gross!

Well for most of the night me and Bosch continue to play and the humans continue to do whatever the fuck their doing. They become so ingrossed with licking each other that they don't even want to throw the ball anymore.

My pet of course was no better, he needs a hobby.

Sometime during the night I came down wrong on my left hind leg and now im limping, but it does seem better this morning.


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