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rain rain rain. Being at my pets job site isnt so bad, he built me a dog house that's fit for a...well ..Dog. But this rain.

Rain really kills all the smells ya know. My favorite place to pee is raccoon scent, but with all this rain I will be lucky if I can smell a fanboy after a weekend convention (that's right I have been to FC so don't tell me I don't know what stinky is) Speaking of Furry conventions, humans please, when I come up to you its not polite for the first thing you do is to check for my nutsack. I know its missing so dont rub it in.

I forgot to tell you I did have a nice Sunday. My pet took me to the Castro and we walked around for a bit. I actually got to sniff a Pugs ass! yea! that's like champagne to a dog. Most of the time we just sat in bars. I dont mind that but all the other humans want to stroke me. I dont mind that so much but one of them tried to slip me his number! Sicko! Besides, Hey stupid, No thumbs!


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